Symposium 1 / Introduction

Hi all,

With this post I will shortly introduce myself.


I am an artist working with drawing and moving image, focusing on social and cultural issues, and I explore human behaviour both in private and public sectors. I analyse and question social etiquette, consumerism, identity, loss of individuality, values, traditions and morals.

Selected drawings from ‘(Not) Real’, 2012


Using traditional and modern methods I capture the modern world in a sketchy, repetitive and in an unfinished drawing form.


I left my homeland when  I was 19 and since when I’ve been observing surroundings and people, which inspired me to reflect my experiences in my work, using drawing as a main tool.

Drawing to me is the most comfortable way of building a narrative; therefore I am constantly looking for ways of improving and developing it, yet keeping its simplicity.


Animating the drawings helped me to bring the story to life and to create an illusion of moving drawing by using small projections on a wall.

the hair projection 2

Installation view ‘The Hair’


With my work I aim for sketchy and unfinished aesthetics, drawing viewer’s attention to the real situation, in which we all might take a part.

In my work I like to show absurdity in those common situations and I aim for a comical outcome, which can be also understood as a criticism.


Interests & inspiration


My main interest is to keep the drawing stylistic through digital pattern while analysing contemporary society and creating a narrative. The simplistic style of drawings is inspired by traditional arts and crafts and by old caricature drawings that were used to illustrate tales and myths in books and other media.


Still from ‘The Hair’, 2013


I am interested in mythology and I am very fond of didactic literature, which is educational and deals with question of morality. I also like to read philosophy; Albert Camus, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer.


Drawing still of an animation, 2016



The ideas for my artwork come spontaneously; I enjoy sketching in public spaces and taking photographs, which I later use as references for animations. I can get inspired by a stranger picking his nose in a bus or seeing somebody urinating publicly. Selecting individual incidents I question whether it is appropriate or not. I try to catch certain moments of common situations and critically examine the effects of consumerism and social displacement upon how people behave in public.

How to react to unexpected?!



For my MA project I would like to create a game – simulator.

A spectator would be able to challenge himself/herself in an animated game to react to unexpected situation. Every time approaching a different situation, a viewer will be given options to chose a way either to get involved or to get out of it.

I have collected few stories to begin with:

  1. A streetwalker
  2. Barefoot
  3. Desires in a dark
  4. An innocent pee



Thanks for you time 🙂