Tutorial, 7th Oct

Just had my first tutorial with Jonathan on my project proposal and it seems it was good.

Quick notes I made and what I still remember 🙂

It made think through and realize few things about myself in my work. Am I trying to educate or Am I observer. Definitely, Observer.

I focus on too many aspects in my work, so I have to be specific and select one or two aims by following series of objectives. What am I focusing on most? What am I making? Game, animations, animated stories, narrative?
Maybe, narrative. I’m making a game. No. Animated stories using game form. Maybe

I am interested in mythologies and tales, I like to use motives and symbolism in work to question good or evil. Like children fairy tales. But only new century tales for adults. I came to realization that I should use the place or environment in my work to identify the situation. A person would never behave in public the way he/she would at home. Or surrounded by friends. Using fragments of place would help the situation and show the difference between appropriate and inappropriate. Maybe I will use colour!

There is an idea to use real coordinates for a game map of places and situations. But that would completely identify the location.


Loop shows the repetition of situations, which are common, but rarely noticed. Animations and a game should be on a loop.

Since I am interested in game/play and modern mythologies, Jonathan recommended me to look up Stuart Brown researching play watch 21st century Mythologies on BBC

All in all, I should focus on narrative and small details.