‘The Streetwalker’ Part 1

So, finally, I have started planning out my first animation ‘The Streetwalker’

It is a story about a girl, who works in the streets. From the first sight, you wouldn’t tell who she is or what she does, but there are moments and details that expose her profession?

Here you go, a regular girl is casually sitting there, browsing on her phone, but when… When she takes her shoes off and puts high heels on. She is on a clock.


The animation will be a part of the game, where you will be given few options on what would you do in this situation?


So I started drawing a storyboard for this animation, but there are so many details and moments I would like to use, so I decided to divide animation into 2-3 parts.

Part 1


  1. Street view
  2. The girl comes over
  3. Puts her backpack on a ground
  4. Sits down
  5. Changes her shoes
  6. Keeps sitting while browsing/texting on her phone
  7. Starts walking back & forward
  8. On the other side of street, the guy comes
  9. She changes her shoes and goes to a cafe nearby


10. The guy keeps standing, watching at people and drinking beer

11. The streetwalker returns and changes her shoes again

12. She is standing, walking back & forward. He remains there calm and drinking beer

13. They smile to each other (he giggles)

14. A car approaches

15. She starts going towards the car

16. She can’t really walk in high heels, she flips over

17. The guy is watching

18. The car leaves

19. The guy stands still and starts smoking a cigarette

20. A car passes by and stops

21. The streetwalker is back


The whole animation will be moving. I am planning to animate cars, passing people, maybe animals, but the whole focus is on the streetwalker and the man on the other side of the street.