It has been awhile since I posted anything.

So many times romanticized autumn shows itself as a cold, wet and spooky season. Yup, hello cold, flu and other viruses!

But I had some time to do reading, watch few documentaries and listen to BBC 21st Century Mythologies by Peter Conrad. It was a great experience; I always analyse and like to interpret things happening around me. I enjoy digging and raising questions about popular culture, referencing history and mythology. Myths and folklore helps me to evaluate common situations, mass interests… But after listening to Peter Conrad and the way he described the myth, it hit me.

Myth is language, which does not want to die

I knew what I am making

I am creating a narrative. But I couldn’t explain why or what exactly is about. It isn’t about explaining something, it is about showing the details of what we avoid.

My work is my observations on modern world. I guess this is more clear.


With this project, I will be aiming to create narrative in a deconstructed drawing form. Why deconstruction? Simply, it is very literal. Places and people, where they don’t belong, or places that are not right. There are many boundaries and yet is getting more and more blurry. What you would do at home, you wouldn’t do in public. What you would do alone, you wouldn’t do surrounded by people. And opposite.


What am I investigating?

  • Drawing
  • Objects
  • Boundaries
  • Ethics
  • Movement
  • Composition


Shortly, my goal, is to put all of that together. Yeah!