Development #1

Working on ‘The Streetwalker’ animation part 1.

My animations are simple, usually pencil drawn, very minimalistic.

But in order to draw an image of the situation, the place becomes very important. It is not enough to say hey this is about public behaviour yo! I need to identify the place, but to keep it simple.

So I was asking myself how to do it? What’s the best way to do it?

  • Nice and neat watercolour illustration (ironic, isn’t it?)
  • Sketchy drawing
  • Pastel drawing
  • Pen drawing
  • Line drawing
  • Line drawing with some colour
  • Rough painted fragments (highlights) and line pen (paint) drawing

So I did few sketches, but something is just no no no


Yes, I want it simple and I know that all figures will be line pencil drawings… I don’t want my background to be to rough.

But I came up with something and I am really looking forward to try it.

I always loved painting and colours! I am going to make a line simple drawing, but some fragments will be painted rough. I want to have the sense of the paint. It is not about a colour anymore, it’s all play.

My tasks are:

  • Get some good paper, preferably get few acetate sheets (for painting)
  • Experiment with colour and texture
  • Make paint and pen drawing compositions
  • Multiply layers with photoshop


I have a feeling it is going to work.