More drawing and more animating

When first term began, I knew what I will be making. I had my stories, I thought I have some sorta strategies to make it work.

Research, narrative development, drawing, learning, rethinking, redoing, not knowing what to do, anxiety, research, drawing, drawing, testing and being not satisfied with results.

I had very high expectations what I have to do, but it was hard to follow my plan and meet my goals. The more I read, the more I knew and the more I was unsure. What am I trying to tell with this story? Where would it lead?

I decided to animate some of ‘The Streetwalker’ and I must say it was interesting and again hard to follow my plan.


I think I quite succeeded in the action itself. It is easy to understand what the guy is doing (which is smoking and drinking, right?! 😀) The drawing style is sketchy, but not too loose. I wish it could be more sketchy or even rough. When I am animating, I become so focused on the action itself I forget to loosen up. I need to loosen my hand, arm, body and mind.


I also animated more of the streetwalker

I enjoyed a lot drawing a face. Nothing is more exciting than drawing a face to me. I made it more illustrative, but the movement itself isn’t very moving. I loosened myself and concentrated on a drawing, but lost the movement 😦

I have to try both things work together. Maybe if I draw more frames in between, this will work.

So, after having done animating the streetwalker and the guy, I decided to put them together in a background (which is only a test), to see how the style, colour are working all together.

I am very unsure of this sample. It reminds me of a ghost town.

Visually and colour wise it pleases me a lot. I have this illustration look. It would have been perfect a month ago, but now I want something else. More rough, more contemporary?

I am still working on my backgrounds, and I haven’t tested all my ideas, but none of them sound good in my head. I have to have a background which identifies a place, but how?

And I am not so sure about overlaying figures either. I should try to separate and make them more visible and recognizable. This is it! The background is so powerful, that the figures blend in and become transparent.

Animating is such a long process. And as much as I like drawings, this is so technical and exhausting, that I lose my focus so quickly. It is repetitive and the result itself is not satisfying.

How to make a story interesting? Add disney-like creatures, effects, make a musical?

I need some air.