Christmas Joys


I couldn’t decide whether I should make this post or not. It is not relevant to my project, but it is something I had been working before Christmas. Series of drawings, representing Christmas chaos, madness or joys?!

I celebrate Christmas, but I don’t buy presents; I try to put some effort and make drawings or bake some cookies, or something handmade, or something meaningful. 

The month of December looked like hell; people were shopping from early till late, traffic congestion, delayed public transport (meaning you are late everywhere) and so on.

And yet, everyone is extremely excited about it; all that yammering, shopping and supermarket brochures with popping colours and valuable deals… Personally, it was hard to enjoy, when you think that all of this makes no sense.

But drawing xmas was very enjoyable; it was a great break from animation (which is often very intense and exhausting) and I realized that I really would like to incorporate some of the symbolism, style and simplicity in my project.