Inspiring artist – Nathalie Djurberg

I have many artists I like and many that inspire me, but the most favorite artist would be Nathalie Djurberg.


Swedish born, Berlin based artist works with sculpture and animation together with Hans Berg, who is a sound/music artist. Together they built magical installations, create a surreal atmosphere and leave a lifetime experience.


Installation view of ‘The Gates of the Festival’ at Lisson Gallery in London, 2014

A while ago, when I just started animating, one of my tutors suggested to have a look at Nathalie Djurberg, who also explores cultural and social issues, uses symbolism and mythology to raise questions about human morality. I found her work being very extraordinary; narratives dealing with human desires, natural instincts such as anger, jealousy, violence, lust.. The puppets she makes are very rough and bold, but it is full of details, making the situations look more real.


Still from ‘The Prostitute’

However, Nathalie Djurberg is one sneaky artist, who doesn’t have a website, or share work on social media, or collaborates for group exhibitions. Nathalie and Hans Berg only make shows, often commissioned by galleries. So, it is a hard work to keep tracking her…


I only saw ‘The Tea Party’ at Malmo Konsthall few years back and when solo show ‘The Gates of the festival’ at Lisson Gallery in London in 2014. And a while ago I discovered one animation online, which was quickly removed, but I am very proud to have one of her books ‘Turn into me’, containing ‘The prostitute’ animation. Can’t explain, but this artist inspired to be me. Inspires not to be afraid of your crazy ideas and narratives and show your visions.

You can get to know and understand more if you watch some of Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg interviews