It has been a while, but I have been working on ‘An innocent pee’ story’s animation.

I used some photographs I took a while ago at one location and made a sketchy drawing, which I think it looks interesting. By adding a touch of colour, somehow feels more ‘alive’.


And later I was drawing and drawing until I got fed up. Animation sometimes too exhausting, but I really needed to make it look like a drawing. I started with simple line drawings and now it’s finally getting more sketchy.

These are only made using key frames, meaning that still a lot of frames are missing. But at least I can see something moving šŸ™‚

Although, I am still figuring out how to put both characters and background together.


Because all my frames are hand-drawn and scanned, it is a bit complicated layering out. My background is overpowering and figures are barely noticeable, so I should probably play with a contrast.