Low residency I


I spent almost two weeks in London, doing Low Residency as a part of my course. It wasn’t mandatory, but I felt like I needed to be there and get this experience.

I must admit, I was so scared on my first day; I was so nervous that I thought I will faint any moment. I don’t talk or meet so many people on daily basis (maybe annual), so it was a challenge to me. Funny, the more nervous I am, the more I talk. I guess I managed somehow šŸ™‚

On our first day we had access to get into a new Camberwell College of Arts building and examine it, by gathering footage which inspires us. This was so new to me, but somehow so familiar. I forgot that I used to do this – exploring places with a purpose. At that moment, I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I felt like I lost and found something. Exploring and experiencing places. Not passing by, but actually going on purpose and analyzing surroundings until you find something.

I will be short, I don’t like collaborative work. I am never able to do what I can or want and I can’t stand for myself either. And if I try, nobody really gets me. So, I’m usually trying to stay on the side. So, first collaboration turned very philosophical and I have no idea what we have created. But it was fun. It was so different.


Overall, every day we were sure we have enough activities, so during such short time – many things happened, which I am still processing.

– Collaborative work

– Group tutorial

– Gallery visits

– Lecture

– Artist talk

– Projection mapping workshop

– Meal at Jonathan’s place

– More gallery visits

– More collaborative work

– Tate Exchange workshops & discussions (so scary)

– More workshops about filling applications and Artist CVs

– More more gallery visits

I think, I need to make other posts about Low residency.