Artist: Brecht Evens

Yesterday I went to Eng’s place to discuss about our projects and see how much we’ve done, and how to get ready for Mid Point Review. I really enjoyed just speaking (in real life) about our work progress, research and artists, who inspire us.

Eng is such a sweet person, always sharing her discoveries, especially the ones she sees me in their work. So, she came up with a book of Brecht Evens’ illustrations.

It felt like I have seen somewhere or I know about it, but this time everything just blossomed in vivid colours.

I love the easiness and transparency of drawings. So simple, yet can tell so much.

My biggest challenge (or aim) is to achieve that simplicity, transparency and being able to communicate. I love colours, but I have been having troubles using in my work, because it seemed that it overpowers the pencil drawings. I would like to try different materials, but somehow I don’t feel ready or that I am not done with pencil. If only I can make it work both pencil and paint.