Animation development & backgrounds

I imagined my situations in places, where you can identify that this is a public space.

I used my taken photographs to create sketches, and where was one authentic place where The Streetwalker was working, so I just had to keep it.

I redrew it.

background1 copy

I also wanted some colours, so I have created extra watercolour paintings for possible animation.

I was thinking to multiply both drawings and paintings, to get this illustration quality.

background 4


However, again, background becomes overpowering.


I love the idea of transparency, but it feels wrong. It feels that you have this cheesy illustration, drawn in 1950’s.

All weekend I was thinking what I can possibly do about it. What is missing? What was wrong? Is it wrong? But it doesn’t feel right. I want details, but I don’t want this romantic image. It might work in some cases, but visually it wasn’t very pleasing.

Perhaps I should work more with compositions. Maybe it would help distorting images and creating a bubble or making a destructive image.


When I removed the colour, and the problem (I realized) wasn’t the colours. It’s the composition itself.

And when I was playing with after effects and accidentally inverted my background.


The result was satisfying. It wasn’t something I am very happy, but I can see that something can be worth working with.