Outside project

It almost has become a tradition that once I have term break, I start working on extra project.

Animation is tiring work, so I like to take my mind off and experiment with drawings and ideas I have in my head.

Also, sometimes I feel that I think too much and I have a need to express myself. Right now and right away.


So, I started sketching and when I came up with an idea of picking up some interesting hashtags on instagram and when interpreting them, creating this magical female world, where it is ok to have a cheat day, it is okay to say good morning to everyone in erotic posture next to the coffee cup. It is fine to let yourself eat as much as yourself, but only on Sunday. Because it’s Sunday.

And there is so much to explore!

This time, I decided making rough illustrations, using watercolour and ink, and I really enjoyed the process of it. Seeking for perfection in simplicity. It made me feel good. The exploration of drawing compositions, colours, some body gestures ect.



I am thinking maybe I can use some of it for my animations? Since I am struggling with backgrounds and I am not very satisfied with visuals… I should try make some ink drawings for backgrounds, I think.