Thick time

Once I found out that there is going to be William Kentridge’s exhibition at Louisiana, I was so excited. I knew his work, but never saw in real life. 

Of course, the opening was that day when I was in London, and once I was back home, got stuck at home and on my project.

Luckilly, last week I went there.

Words can not explain how I felt that moment.

It was very interesting to see his charcoal drawings for animations. These are pretty huge drawings! 

But exhibition was about his newest works, incorporating theatre and performance. Huge installations made you feel like you are sitting in a theatre listening to an orchestra and watching the performance.

It was speaking and telling a story.

Also, I really loved other installation pieces, they were so simple, but at the same time complex; wooden boards stacked around, the use of daily objects such as chairs, and other machinery were also incorporated in a piece. 

There were other pieces oriented and presented as a theatre, and we are just spectators. The muppet theatre was extraordinary; I really loved that there was such a variety of materials and through the use of projection it made me feel like this is a scrapbook. (Somehow forgot to take pictures of this)

Overall, great exhibition. I feel inspired and most important – I understood the process how he made it. I am thinking of making my animations bigger scale and maybe experiment a bit with ink drawings.

I loved that he knows how to tell a story. How to speak to a spectator. 

There is so much to learn from him, and definitely  not too late.