Tutorial #2

Second individual tutorial.

I had mine on Thursday, 23th of March, 2017


Of course, when I’m talking, it is impossible to take all the notes, but so far it was good. Some things became clearer in my head and I received some advice and suggestions towards my work.

We discussed about animation techniques and transparency, and Jonathan mentioned that he thought one of the examples of Streewalker smoking, where the background is glitching – is interesting. I can also try experiment with characters (the idea of glitch) as a metaphor of their identity. He said that glitching creates an illusion; maybe it’s there, maybe it isn’t. Like Matrix. And I thought that was beautiful, because I DIDN’T think of that.

Funny, how sometimes you do something, but don’t really understand yourself 🙂

Also we talked about scale and how to break the scale. Scale of distance forces to change the mark making. I mentioned how I’m thinking of distorting the background images, warping and creating some sort of bubble. Which can actually work.

In the beginning I was very ambitious about creating game, but now it is not as important. Because the story itself is pretty interesting and I am still exploring how I should visualize it. But we agreed that scrolling through animation/game would be an interesting approach. I also added that every time you back to the place where you started, where would be changes – unexpected situations or no situations at all. Like Streetwalker, maybe she is there, maybe she isn’t. Everything is surreal, because it’s unexpected and uncontrolled.

We also talked about exercising the hand; try 10 mark technique, in order to loosen up the hand. I mentioned that I make very small drawings, so obviously, I have issues when I have to edit them; I can’t expect very high quality if my drawings are miniature size.

I made a little TO DO list for myself during term break:


  • experiment with ink and watercolour
  • try drawing on bigger scale
  • research animations
  • make NEW animatics
  • sketch and have fun
  • figure out how to make scrolling
  • stop worrying what is good and what isn’t
  • trust my instincts
  • visit Berlin Gallery Weekend