Research paper thoughts

So the time has come and the clock is ticking!

I didn’t feel nervous in the beginning, but later I started to get anxious and kept doubting about my subject.

I was quick to go though my work and what I am interested in. I knew that is going to be something about animation, but narrowing it down was (and still is) the hardest part of it.

I started with writing down some keywords:



During Research paper discussion I talked that I would like to focus on symbolism, narrative, unfinished look aesthetics, creating a world using animation.  Gareth and others helped me think more about how animations are ‘making’ a world.

I was also advised to think

Whether symbolism and unfinished look can be thought together?


Since when I was looking at William Kentridge and Nathalie Djurberg’s works, speed-reading about symbolism and aesthetics.


I am very interested where I am going, but the problem is, that I don’t know whether all make sense. After watching most of Nathalie Djurberg’s interviews you start to think that everything is for the sake of being silly.


Here are some titles/themes:

  1. Narrative and unfinished look in animation
  2. ‘Making’ a world in animation. The use of symbolism and play.
  3. Methods of ‘making’ a world with the aesthetic of animation. Can symbolism and unfinished look be thought together?

I think I would like to stick with third title.


I haven’t written a proper abstract and instead I tried to realize what I want to do:


My main interest area is animation. I would like to focus on processes and methods that creates a narrative and the effect of play. Symbols and actions that appear in animation are more bearable to watch rather watching if it was humans. Using animation as a tool requires no plan and its meaning emerges through film process. In this research paper I seek to discuss (analyse?) the process of unfolding; how visual language is built and the connection to unfinished look. I would also like to discuss the strategy of making a world.




Adorno, T.W., Aesthetic Theory

Celant, G., Nathalie Djurberg – Turn into me

Krauss, R.E. and Kentridge, W., William Kentridge

Ronnberg, A, and Martin, K., The Book of Symbols


<p><a href=”″>NATHALIE DJURBERG / HANS BERG – MAYBE THIS IS A DREAM</a> from <a href=””>Institut f&uuml;r Kunstdokumentation</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>