Again and again

It has been a while since I posted, but I just couldn’t. Had to finish animation, had to finish all drawings, had to finish a story.






During last few months hundreds and hundreds of drawings have been made.





It was exhausting and it was fun. Often I felt lost, as I wasn’t sure if it is going to work. As well, was doubting my story. It was hard to follow the plan, there was not enough time and possibly lack of skills to animate certain things.


But in the end, I had a pile of drawings. I scanned and I put them all together.


Exported animations into gifs:


Changing shoes


I started animating this one some time ago, but wanted to make it more smooth and make her change her both shoes (before I had only one shoe). This one was the longest I ever animated. It has the movement and you can see what is happening, but I still need more frames in between.


Guy’s face. Smiling. Wink Wink



I really loved animating this face. I tried to make him smile and kinda wink. Probably would need more frames in between and look back to the first frame as it looks like that I overworked on latest frames.


Guy is smoking



I wanted to animate this guy smoking and drinking. And I am pretty satisfied with this one. It is simple and it is interesting to watch. I especially enjoy the smokes. It shows that the person is enjoying the smoking. Gives more feeling.


Streetwalker is smoking




I needed the streetwalker to smoke too. This is how she passes the time while she is waiting for customers. Is smoking can look sexy? As a non-smoker, I was observing girls smoking around and I saw many different poses. But the one with crossed arms and  bend leg, which makes hips look wider – looked the best. The pose is flirting and inviting :D. The animation itself requires more work. I would like to add more frames to make it more moving.


Ma Hips




I think this might be my favourite animation I made. I just love the movement of it.The arm movement is so elegant, the hair is fun. I tried to animate hips moving, but I managed to make it only a little. Maybe it is for the best. I didn’t want to make it too cartoony.