Plant animation

I had this idea for a very long time.

I wanted to animate the plant moving. Its branches. Being funky and all.


Once I felt that I am getting better at after affects I knew that all I need is to use puppet tool in After Effects.

I drew leaves and branches separately ans scanned them.




Turns out it is easy! Once I had my drawings scanned, I edited them in photoshop and separated each in different layers. I used photoshop file in After Effects. All layers were still separate and was able to animate them individually.

After some time, I had something moving!




It might be not the best test ever, but I was blown away. It was hypnotizing, it was weird. Because it reminded me of sea  plant. Nothing really moves like this in real life. But that movement was something. 

I think this a very successful experiment and I would like to work on this one more in the future. And I made hand-drawn animation look super cool 😀

I am happy that I am better and faster at editing drawings and animating them. One of the hardest things for me then I am animating is to combine animation effects on scanned drawings. It just does not really work together. Every time, it feel like I am inventing something. Trying to understand how some tools can work on my animations. Sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes it does! Either way, I am getting more impatient – I have more and more ideas I would like to test.