full final finished123489.mp4

What are you up to?


After months of drawing and worrying, I finally finished this! From many stories I collected and planned to do, I managed to animate the streetwalker. Something is better than nothing at all.


Yes, I had many plans, many expectations, but so little time, not enough skills. However, I learnt a lot. I’ve been experimenting and trying out different techniques, methods while I was working with the story and side projects. I can’t remember the last time I experimented so much.  It might have been in my first BA year. It is funny how sometimes it seems that you find your style, your way, your signature thing and when you just keep doing it. As an ambitious person, I was never happy, but I always thought that I don’t have enough time for experimentation and kept jumping into doing some work.

Luckily, I decided to use this time and make something new, something different.

Here you go:



It is so unusual to me, but I am kind of proud of this one. It might be not the best piece I have ever made, but it is interesting and has quality. I am particularly happy about my hand drawn animations. I managed to keep it more detailed and it has nicer movement. Some moments look elegant, very fluid. I hope it can be seen what is happening in those short animations (changing shoes, wiggling hips, smiling ect). I believe, those animations are talking.

I am also very satisfied with my watercolour plant animation. This was my very first time trying a puppet tool. It is also very bold and colourful. I think such piece can work easily on its own.

Although, I am not so confident with my story. Or storytelling. I always had a hard time creating the narrative only using imagery. I decided to use painting stills and create a surreal environment, but I don’t feel that it was the best way to do it. As well, it might be hard to  read all the characters and objects, as it is quickly switching one to another.

This was my biggest challenge – use drawn animations and objects to create a visual poetry.


Overall, I am satisfied, because I learnt a lot. But for the future, I would like to work more on storytelling and actually work on some interactive animation/game. I also see, that creating some stills with shortly animated figures can work much better rather than trying to achieve real animation finish. I tried to create a story, one action following the other, but now I feel that animating some stills and keeping on the loop could work better. Every still would be enough to understand what is happening.