Žibutė in lithuanian or hepatica in english.

This was the last animation made before exhibition. In my statement I mentioned that my main subject is a prostitute who works on the streets, but when the gallery director and curator decided to take it away and leave it for the audience to guess. I immediately remembered that I never really called a prostitute, always referred to her as streetwalker. I guess, I was just being polite or because after such a long time I don’t want to insult her even more. I understand that streetwalker doesn’t sound nice, but it is less shocking. It just makes more fictional than realistic.

So, I realized that we don’t have many words to describe a prostitute in lithuanian… And when it hit me! There is an old slang phrase to refer to a prostitute by calling her žibute. Not that many people use that, but some old folks still say it. So, I had to do it!

Last days before packing up I am drawing and painting hepatica.


I also saw this made in watercolour. I needed the colour and the energy. Also, thought that some watercolour wash could add more texture to this.



I planned to put two layers, but when I went out of my hand and I started washing the paint out… I was worried how it would turn out. BUT. I was surprised how calming it turned out. I put all frames in order, but the first part of animation I edited twice in After Effects, so I could spin around and add more movement to it. I was thinking to create this blooming effect, but it also shrinks and hides.. Going through some transformation.

I will repeat myself again – watercolour is great. Animations gain so much texture and become more vibrant. It is hypnotizing.