flex and point

In my previous posts I have mentioned how I am working on that flow

Me and that flow are in very serious relationship. Quite dysfunctional though.

I have one image and vision in my head; I am begging the flow to appear and make my animations look flowy and all nice, but sometimes it doesn’t happen.

I had to think which animations were the most successful and what made them so successful? As I have noticed before, the repetition helps a lot. The shorter animation is – the better!

Sometimes, it seems that I think too complicated if I want to achieve a very simplistic image. Too many thoughts and too many ideas, and too much work put into… Yes, too much work!

I tend to overthink the more I work on animation. It all gets twisted and the flow… disappears 😦

After completing the posture, I decided to focus on a simple image. Maybe a detail.

I looked into my story and the most fascinating moment of the story is when the streetwalker changes her shoes. And I decided to animate her feet and shoes..



I sketched couple of ideas and decided to stick with some interesting fragments that could look interesting on its own and as well as all together.

The first one was the foot:


Total of 12 drawings and works very well. Maybe it seems like irrelevant to the story, but feet can be sexy, right? I dunno, I see in the movies, how somebody takes somebody’s shoes and socks.. Does some rubbing or a foot massage. It always looks so intimate! The prostitute in my story changes her shoes in public. PUBLICLY! It is somehow very private… I might be trying to see more than it is actually, but in this case, I like to think that it helps me making animations. The moment she takes her sneakers off and about to put a heel on. The toes flex and when point. Flex and point. For some reason, I found this moment beautiful in my head and very relevant to make it happen. I believe it was a success and a great experience to continue working in this manner.  And it was flowy.

All that sketchiness made a pact to be flowy, woo!


What I have learnt and noticed:

  • the simpler – the better
  • you don’t need to overwork or overcomplicate
  • think about one or two highest points (in this animation flex and point)
  • take breaks
  • analyze your own body and see how it moves in front of mirror
  • use life models (I drew my own foot and used through entire drawing animation process)
  • draw tiny drawings of what makes flow
  • much more, but I can’t remember now