After completing the foot animation  I still had ideas of that moment when the streetwalker takes her shoe off and puts a heel on. In a past, I have a made a full posture of her putting the heels off, but it was a bit chaotic… A lot of work, but turned out a bit messier than expected.

I didn’t think about repetition, I wanted one moment of her trying to place her foot into a heel. A tiny bit of struggle and here you go – the foot is there!

This animation is more complementary and can work together with some other animations on a showreel.



I quickly put 17 drawings all together, but I hope I can edit a bit more and have more repetition. Therefore, I think it is well done and very moving. It last 3 seconds and the flow is there… until it stops and goes back to there it started. As long as it is together with some other animations  – that will work.


I have also thought about the walking scene. In sneakers. I had one posture animation where she is walking and I was (still am) happy how it turned out. Very graceful and fierce!



Anyway, since I was in a mood for working with details and moments, I thought why not to animate shoes. Walking. Walking shoes 😀





I drew some guidelines to have some sort of flow, but when it got lost within a process, so it looks a bit stiff.

I mean, it is walking, but she either drunk or just learnt to walk. Or maybe she doesn’t want to go there? Can be. Looks forced, so I am not sure if I am going to use it. Maybe I should redraw again and use my shoes for life drawing as the ones I did from the head are very cartoonish.

25 drawings and it walks!