Working on a posture



For the last couple of weeks I have been working on one posture, where I was thinking about body movement and how I can capture flirting or seducing 

It is out of comfort zone, but since my story began with a such a controversial character – prostitute, I wanted to learn to draw the image as best as possible.

Last year I made a lot of short loops of various poses in pastel (I enjoyed a lot!), but decided that I need more details and it would be best if I do it in pencil.

Also, I am still drawing on larger size paper, so it takes more time… More time and more attention.

I had this idea of making some pose, but wasn’t sure what exactly, so I just decided to draw couple of postures and pick the best in my opinion. Later, just follow the drawing one after another until it becomes something. But think about seduce, playfulness… 

This is what I came up with:


68 drawings, no pauses and no thinking 😀

I am satisfied how it turned out, but it is still not as fluid as I wish to. I would like it to be more moving and more continuous. After drawing so much, I am a bit tired of editing, but I believe I can work on editing and get this continuous.