More animation work


When I began working on animations I had the whole ‘map’ of various stories and how they come across each other. In some way. Or at least, I wanted to come across. I didn’t want to concentrate on one particular story… One of the stories was about public urination. At some point I was working as bartender and finished my shifts quite late at night, so I saw a lot of things… However, I am not sure why exactly, I decided to pick this situation; it is not shocking or interesting… It is more disgusting and what can you learn from this?

I believe my choice was a person. As much as I can remember… I remember how uncomfortable she was when I caught her. I came from nowhere and where she was – can’t walk away, can’t stop and just hide in her own shame. By no means I am shaming her, I just thought the reaction was priceless and maybe this is something I would feel if I were in her place.

I started some drawings and animations a while ago. I made in pencil and watercolour, and it was okey. Always thought there was something to work on. Was thinking what it was missing, maybe I should add something more to the story.. And weeks before coming to London I had an idea (or an inspiration) to create couple short animations reflecting that uncomfortable feeling


I sketched 4 poses. Actually 3, because the other was a shadow, so it is just a blob 😀

I decided to draw some instructions how I want to move a leg or an arm… I started recently drawing small schemes how to position everything and which way I am supposed to move. I am still following the drawing lines, but such guidelines help me to save me some time and achieve something what I really wanted.

So here are those short animations:


The standing position. Decision making of what to do. Tried to think of impatience and that’s how I came up with feet movement and shaking




I wanted to make sleepy/dreamy face. The one you can tell that the person barely oriented and understands what is happening around. Also this can work as face nothing happened



The actual scene of urinating. About to do that. I doubted for a long time whether I really need this. I have a watercolour animation of Yellow Water and it could be interpreted and used in many ways. In some other animation I decided that she is falling down and exposing herself… But this time I decided to keep a nice loop for the sake of the animation and not situation. Why? Sometimes flow is more important and some things don’t need to be told.


As I mentioned before I did think of her falling down, so instead of actually exposing her, I just decided to create a shadow/dark abstract figure animation. I still need to fix the loop, but has something what I really enjoy looking at it. The simplicity of the act and how it can immediately transform from one figure to another. Like a shadow play or when you look at shadows of the tree branches and trying to see something else than that.



Overall, I am quite pleased with what I achieved. I discovered another system of drawing and that was very effective. Maybe I have also picked up the speed and it doesn’t take me forever to draw, but I believe this is something I can try to work on in a future. I care about the flow and fluidity so much, but technique sometimes really helps with that. I am not saying this is perfect, but I feel it worked out for me.