My very pink nightmare and show preparation

I arrived to Camberwell on Tuesday night, because I knew I might need more time to work on my installation and I though it will be helpful to have time for myself and finish everything I have too.. Yes, a lot of things are still not done ahhhhh

I knew that my space had a pink paint splash in one corner. I was told that BA was supposed to clean it, but it wasn’t very certain. So, I came prepared to deal with that 😀


I noticed that it was water based paint which was already falling off… Some places had a very thick layer of paint which was hurting my eyes so much that I just couldn’t cover in white paint at all. I decided to scrape it off and when paint in white. As much as I can as much as it goes…


After two days of scraping and applying multiple coats of paint it was good as new!



I couldn’t risk doing less, because I wasn’t sure how I am going to project animations and what walls I am going to use it. I needed very much to do as clean as possible.

On a third day I decided I need to sort out my plinths, so I went to some timber shop in Peckham and bought plywood, which was cut in many pieces and ready for me to assemble.

Proudly, I did it all myself! I don’t think I ever did anything like that before  ;D

Jonathan had to show me how to use the drill, which I failed many times, but I think I got better in the end 🙂


Finally I can see the finish line. All I left is paint the plinths, put some curtains on and begin projection installation.

Oh, and do a drawing installation too!