After some animation making in pencil I need colours in my life. Also after some abstract animation making (the shadow girl variation), I want more and more something like this… It is more joyful! I feel happy during the process and after the process. Once you think about the loop and movements… Animation just happens to be.


One of other stories from this project was about a couple making out in streets. Making out is not a right word, but I can’t really and I don’t want to get into the details. It is not important and what was the most important thing is that just one moment what I saw and it got stuck for 2 years now?? Can’t believe it has been that long.

I did some pencil drawings in the beginning, but I remember that I wasn’t too pleased. Also, it might have something to do once your are using two figures in one scene. It becomes very tight.

So after some previous attempts of abstract animation making I decided to this in abstract watercolour way.

Again, I made a sketch which direction it has to go, which things need to move first, then secondly and so on.. I thought of making it short and simple.


I applied to layers of watercolour. Used a lot of water to have nice watercolour washes. I was so excited during this process, because it felt so experimental and I wasn’t sure how it will turn out! I was running out of time, but kept coming with all these ideas… Luckily, I was done in one day with a result such as this:




You can see that it might be people and something is happening, but as well it can be some sort of creature… Once you merge two figures in a shadow world you get a mutant!

I will edit more to have a nicer and continuous loop.

I think I am getting better at achieving nice flow the way watercolour changes it gives so much depth.