Since I decided to draw everything on bigger scale and have a different way of making animation, I repeated a lot of same situations. The main characters in my story – a guy who smokes and watches the streetwalker across the street disappeared… I made another animation, but the moment he smokes was never fully achieved.

I don’t smoke and I see it as addiction and waste of money, but sometimes I find fascinating how a person can smoke so much. Or how sometimes it just impossible to imagine some certain person without a cigarette. This was also such a case. The guy was smoking all the time and all he was doing just smoke and drink his beer in a sunshine. While a can of beer was essential to him too, the smoking seemed to be a better ritual for him. So concentrated, so peaceful…



To be honest, I am not completely happy with this one. It took me a great amount of time to draw it (yup, the hand). I did think about making that one moment, but I believe I should have drawn a bit more frames to have some moments

I was thinking about peaceful moments, but instead he became anxious and in a hurry. It fits the story, but it wasn’t my intention… Once I will be making a full video, I hope I can edit it in a better way…

After I finished drawing this I really wanted to animate a smoke animation. Unfortunately I was running out of time and maybe it was a time to stop. Sometimes, I can just go on and on until the very last minute.

But, I did animate a smoke using only one still image. With a help of After Effects I managed to have this:




I find it so funny 😀

Now I know I can’t use it, because it looks so sad.