Installation preparation

Installation has been taking a bit more than I thought it would. I am so glad I decided to come sooner. I knew it might be tough to do everything if I only had couple days before deadline and I also thought that it would be a great idea to finish everything peacefully.

It wasn’t peaceful at all, but it made me feel calmer once I got there. Or knowing that I am around and that I don’t have to rush and complete everything in one day. After finishing up the room I was given, I decided to build my plinths, which I did it all myself and when I painted them in white. Once I did that I got so scared. Everything was white. Hospital white… Almost sterile white. My heart was pounding because it felt like too much of… white.



White was needed. Before coming to London I have tested on various surfaces and paper at home. Unfortunately it was impossible to record it; every single picture and video looks the same. Despite different colours or textures. Pencil animations needed white background due it’s lack of colour, contrast… Or it might have been the mobile projectors I was using and they did no good for me.


spot the difference 😀


Anyway, I was scared and worried. Worried that it might not turn out well… Worried that it is going to be very bright. I was tired after countless days of painting and when I came in the next morning everything looked much more clearer. The plinths were moving around themselves.


Animations found their own spots and surfaces to be projected on. I tried later to switch, but later it all got back to where it was before.


The hardest part was to align the edges of projected surfaces. I really wanted projectors to be hidden inside the plinths, so I could have more space for walking around. But when it was another game of projecting sideways and playing keystone function. Minutes to hours. I spend half a day playing with that, when adding black bars on animations to make it easier aligning. Over and over until it was looking good enough. I probably never think it can be perfect, but I am trying hard to enjoy small successes as often as possible.

I was also very worried how to secure and protect the projectors and thought I will lose hair… The morning came (again, the morning! I am officially a morning person) and I sorted out kensington locks from the loan store at Camberwell and decided to to use cables ties to attach my mobile projectors to small boxes/covers I made. Everything secure and I should be relieved that I am getting closer to a finish line, but those mobile projectors are annoying… It annoys me how it is hard to align them and once other three powerful projectors are on I have a lot of light coming and I am losing brightness and contrast on my pencil animations. I chose to use pencil drawn animations, because it doesn’t require so much quality. I just have to sort out the alignment properly.


It is almost done.


Some drawings are up and only few are missing. That will be done tomorrow in the morning before I leave. I need to zip tie my mobile projectors, align their projections on surfaces and tape the cables. Mop the floor and if there is time – sort out the curtain, because it has a very uneven side/s.



Overall, today was good. Once I got all my toys out and started playing around everything became less stressful and even entertaining. The idea of play is very helpful if you aren’t sure about something. The way drawings are hung – comes from a play.


Tomorrow, it all be done.