plant #2

When I began this project I had no idea how it will turn out, but never thought that I will end up doing abstract works or drawings flowers… plants. Sure, I enjoy casual drawing and painting, but I never thought painting plants is something interesting. Couldn’t see what can it bring or what can make it special. It just a flower.. Or an object.

Since early age my interest was people and various situations. I have been drawing comic books, where I was repeating same characters and creating stories… My mum probably is keeping it somewhere… I drew many of them. I forgot about that, because since I got into art school I was occupied with learning to draw.  Funny enough, but once I got out I started doing what I have been always passionate, yet in hiding. Felt unreasonably guilty for enjoying dramas, mistakes, fails, nightmares… I am quite polite person and never hurt people on purpose, but somehow this drama making was some sort of venting. I am shocked or I dislike something and I have to point out. Through drawing.

This is how I can explain my previous practice before entering MA.

I was so ambitious at creating all this drama, but it began fading away – I was more interested in something I couldn’t explain. It is just a feeling that something is right.

The situations were missing something, but I just simply couldn’t leave it. So I kept doing this and other things that I found very joyful. I think my research paper helped me to get into the whole making a world through a process and it was working. I was picking various objects and experimenting until I found my way. The most successful (to me) were made of watercolour drawings. Very simple, only few moments, not too many frames… It immediately had some flow. My first watercolour attempt was a plant animation, which was made using a single drawing. With a help of After Effects I was able to bring to life and hypnotize everyone around 😀

After that I got more ambitious and got involved in making frame by frame watercolour animations, but last week I decided to do another version of plant animation. I wanted only details, but similar flow.

I came up with such idea:


Very simple and I thought I can cut each branch as separate layer and animate individually in After Effects using puppet tool.


The result:



Again, they look like water plants and slightly broken, but it is easy to look at. Calming, but not really (because of the way it breaks).

I will later edit it more properly to create a better loop.


Why do I need such animations? As much as they don’t seem to go together, to me it means something. Something I remember nearby of some situations or just a way to create a peaceful place showcasing unethical situations. Is it bad, is it normal?

I have no answer at the moment, but I needed these for the ambiance.