Critical Evaluation

Critical Evaluation


For the last couple of years, I have been drawing a lot and before entering MA I knew (or wanted) that I want to keep doing it. I had many ideas how to improve drawing and where to use it; I was very ambitious to try make a game using hand drawn animations – stories that are questioning behaviour in public spaces. I thought that I am a narrative person and the story was a key element in my work and my whole art practice. Yet, during MA I discovered about the importance of process and play, which got me into the flow and quality of animation.

I have been always interested in making quality work (or have quality look) and until now I never felt that I could achieve that. I am always worried that something stays out or I make too many mistakes. During the time of the course, I learnt to turn all fails and mistakes into successes (the small ones count!). The research helped me to find artists, whose practice was either similar or understandable to me. William Kentridge was the biggest influence on me in terms of achieving quality in my work; my work has become more simple, yet it gained more flow (and made more sense). Once I concentrated (or stopped concentrating) I began focusing on elements and moments instead of how to do a story from start to finish. I learnt to let the process unfold the story itself (if it’s there or needs to be). The research paper I wrote about Nathalie Djurberg’s practice made an enormous impact towards abstract animation making using (and creating) symbolism. My work gained more colour (literally) and became very lively. With the work I produced I was happy to carry out installation of projections, as well as using my physical drawings.

I am thankful for online mode of this course, because without that I am not sure if I would have achieved what I have. The freedom and ability to work on my pace and time were very valuable, because I could be anywhere and still out making art. The time was always my worst enemy as I am never ever done with what I do. Nevertheless, I learn to have time despite full time job and other responsibilities. I learnt to manage my time, money and have a healthy lifestyle, which increased my productivity immensely. Studying online prepared me to get closer at being professional artist and work towards that. I began dreaming and sharing my thoughts, which helped me to collaborate with a person, who wants to become an artist manager. I became, we became a project; having frequent online meetings and working towards our dreams. The last half a year was one of the most productive times; I had couple animation commissions, my solo exhibition in Kaunas, Lithuania, carried out MA project and now I am getting ready for another solo exhibition in August.

I am planning to continue my art practice and working as an artist alongside my day job. I became more literal (since the start of the course) and now I am able to write decent proposals, applications and have confidence to present myself (my art). I am actively working on social media and trying to collaborate with other artists for various projects (commercial and educational). This is a lot planning already, but I have been dreaming on going on residencies and never had courage to apply, so I will begin doing that too.


Overall, I feel very grateful how everything turned out. I was one fragile flower before entering the course, but now I feel fully grown and ready to spread my wings. Being here, doing this gave me so much confidence (which probably doesn’t make me look too good :D) and be positive. Sometimes things don’t work out, but they can be easily fixed or nobody needs to know that.