Installation is all done

So today is the final day. Feeling nervous and anxious, but what is done is done. Although, I wish I’ve done more or was better at making some decisions. I don’t believe that what I have done is complete rubbish… It is just not perfect. At the moment, it seems animations could have been better done, installation could have been better done too. Even the cables taped down in a neater way. But I was doing all myself. I did it all myself. I guess that is why I am so worried, because sometimes it is overwhelming just making one decision after another. I begin to doubt myself. I see my work through my eyes and it is very personal. Giving it away to everyone is like giving away your heart or a lung or something very vital.

Installation is done. Not perfect, but it is done. The room is white and clean. Drawings are up.


I had a hard time aligning mobile projectors, so I have decided to have edges around it. I was bothered about, but eventually made a peace with it. The floors are not even, so I had to put some pieces of paper to lift the back up.


The installation consists of 17 short animations. Fragments. Moments. Objects. Symbols. Moods.

Realistic. Surreal. Abstract.



In the beginning of this year I planed to make 10 short animations, but I went over and would probably kept going if I had more time. When I started working on moments I just kept coming up with ideas and ways of animating in.