Unit 2 assessment

  • Present a resolved body of original creative practice that has evidenced the systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding (communication and presentation; technical competence; personal and professional development; subject knowledge; research; experimentation).


Since the beginning of unit 2 I was working on drawing’s flow and making ‘a world’ through a process. I started it by sketching. Loads and loads, and that can be found here – Rough detailed

Watercolour is fun!


I still wanted to continue the story about the streetwalker, but do it in a different way (probably more artsy way).

During the side project I discovered my own way and technique of creating a flow, that is why I decided to create watercolour abstract works – Yellow Water

In addition to, I was playing with various meanings, idioms and symbols. I came up with hepatica – Hepatica

In order to have a better quality animation I started drawing on bigger size papers – A4 instead of A5 or smaller. If it was watercolour I still kept working on smaller scale, mainly because of the expenses of watercolour paper. Drawing bigger helped me to relax the wrist and have more clean lines (once I checked my drawings this morning it didn’t seem to be so clean anymore ha) – Bigger scale and More freedom and more animation

Animation journey and making ‘a world’  –

Don’t be afraid – I have candy…

Working on a posture


flex and point


plant #2


More animation work

Solo exhibition and final show installation processes are here – Projection installation planning

Exhibition preparation

Installation preparation


My main focus was short loops that in the end was presented as compilation – fragments – Selected animations for the show


Final – Finished.



  • Analyse and critically reflect coherently upon your own practice and its context (research; analysis; personal and professional development).

Primarily by research in Unit 2 was practice based. I have continued looking at various animators, but I got suck into the process of animation. In Symposium 2 I have reflected my practice and explained how I got to there I am now.

While preparing for Research paper discussion I started to understand my practice and which direction I am going.

I started experimenting various techniques and trying to rely on a process while working on side projects, such as a commission for a song – Side project and experimentation

I have been reflecting on most posts I publish, but some are more detailed – plant #2

More freedom and more animation

For the last couple of months I have been actively working on individual projects, such as exhibition planning and delivery – I know what you are up to

I have been interviewed about my methods and practice, however it is lithuanian and I haven’t translated 😦 – Interview

Tutorials have been very helpful to look at work critically and set up goals –

Tutorial 30.11.17

Tutorial 5.2.18

Tutorial 24.5.18


Anxiety is kicking in the last minute – critically reflecting my whole installation work –  Installation is all done



  • Summarise and evaluate your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing Personal and Professional Development (personal and professional development; collaborative and/or independent professional working).

Critical Evaluation