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Unit 2 assessment

Present a resolved body of original creative practice that has evidenced the systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding (communication and presentation; technical competence; personal and professional development; subject knowledge; research; experimentation).  … Continue reading


It is done. Finished. Kaput.     I quickly took some photographs this morning, but it hasn’t been edited yet. An installation of 5 projections, consisting of 17 animations and drawings.

Installation is all done

So today is the final day. Feeling nervous and anxious, but what is done is done. Although, I wish I’ve done more or was better at making some decisions. I don’t believe that… Continue reading

Installation preparation

Installation has been taking a bit more than I thought it would. I am so glad I decided to come sooner. I knew it might be tough to do everything if I only… Continue reading

Selected animations for the show

It is getting closer to the deadline… During this Unit 2 I have made animations that cover three stories. After various of tests during Unit 1, I decided that is best to concentrate… Continue reading

plant #2

When I began this project I had no idea how it will turn out, but never thought that I will end up doing abstract works or drawings flowers… plants. Sure, I enjoy casual… Continue reading

My very pink nightmare and show preparation

I arrived to Camberwell on Tuesday night, because I knew I might need more time to work on my installation and I though it will be helpful to have time for myself and… Continue reading


Since I decided to draw everything on bigger scale and have a different way of making animation, I repeated a lot of same situations. The main characters in my story – a guy… Continue reading


After some animation making in pencil I need colours in my life. Also after some abstract animation making (the shadow girl variation), I want more and more something like this… It is more… Continue reading

More animation work

When I began working on animations I had the whole ‘map’ of various stories and how they come across each other. In some way. Or at least, I wanted to come across. I… Continue reading