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Tutorial 24.5.18

Tutorial with Jonathan on 24.5.18   In tutorial with Jonathan we went through my blog posts about my solo exhibition in Lithuania. Jonathan seemed to be happy how it turned out and I… Continue reading

Tutorial 5.2.18

Tutorial with Jonathan on 5.2.18   During tutorial first Jonathan asked me how I feel about the project and I have answered that I feel a bit behind due starting a new job… Continue reading

Tutorial 30.11.17

Tutorial with Jonathan Kearney on 30.11.17   During the tutorial we talked about Unit 1 feedback and what were my thoughts about comments made about my work: General comments and advice on how… Continue reading

Research paper tutorials 1 & 2

Busy summer or so, and I forgot to write a post of my first research paper tutorial with Gareth. #1 tutorial, 28th of June, 2017   I needed to submit a clear idea… Continue reading

Tutorial #3

25/05/2017 Tutorial with Jonathan     Today I had a tutorial with Jonathan about my project and its processes, experimentation and possible ways to execute it. I received so much feedback, which was… Continue reading

Tutorial #2

Second individual tutorial. I had mine on Thursday, 23th of March, 2017   Of course, when I’m talking, it is impossible to take all the notes, but so far it was good. Some… Continue reading

Tutorial, 7th Oct

Just had my first tutorial with Jonathan on my project proposal and it seems it was good. Quick notes I made and what I still remember 🙂 It made think through and realize… Continue reading