So. Did some sketches and quick storyboards on intro animations ‘The Barefoot’, ‘An innocent pee’, ‘Desires in the dark’. I draw storyboards, because it helps me have some sort so sequence. I need… Continue reading


‘The Streetwalker’ Part 1

So, finally, I have started planning out my first animation ‘The Streetwalker’ It is a story about a girl, who works in the streets. From the first sight, you wouldn’t tell who she… Continue reading

Weekly tasks/goals

So I made my first term (preliminary) plan, tasks and goals I have to achieve weekly. Printed and hung on the wall next to my working space 🙂 I can do it!

Tutorial, 7th Oct

Just had my first tutorial with Jonathan on my project proposal and it seems it was good. Quick notes I made and what I still remember 🙂 It made think through and realize… Continue reading


Master of narrative

Few weeks back I visited Daniel Richter’s exhibition at Louisiana Modern Art Museum in Copenhagen. I always loved painting, but oh goodness, this is so good. The colours. Yes, colours!

While exploring Amsterdam

A week ago I visited Amsterdam, I guess, for inspiration or find some guidance. Before I went there, I knew where I’m going to go and see; had so much planned and… It… Continue reading

So it begins…

Game plan/stories