My initial plan to make a game telling a story and giving a chance to think about common situations and how to react to it. I have collected and chose few stories: I.… Continue reading

Symposium 1 / Introduction

Hi all, With this post I will shortly introduce myself.   I am an artist working with drawing and moving image, focusing on social and cultural issues, and I explore human behaviour both… Continue reading

A streetwalker

Research question

Connecting through the language of images: how to react to unexpected? On the right – a guy in an orange t-shirt, who comes everyday here and drinks beer on his own, on the… Continue reading

I know what you are up to

A project based on curiosities happening in Copenhagen; social etiquette, norms and beliefs, tolerance and absurdity. ‘I know what are you up to’ is looking at some actions, knowing how it would end… Continue reading