More animation work

When I began working on animations I had the whole ‘map’ of various stories and how they come across each other. In some way. Or at least, I wanted to come across. I… Continue reading


After completing the foot animation  I still had ideas of that moment when the streetwalker takes her shoe off and puts a heel on. In a past, I have a made a full… Continue reading

flex and point

In my previous posts I have mentioned how I am working on that flow Me and that flow are in very serious relationship. Quite dysfunctional though. I have one image and vision in… Continue reading

Working on a posture

  For the last couple of weeks I have been working on one posture, where I was thinking about body movement and how I can capture flirting or seducing  It is out of… Continue reading

Symposium 2

Here is my Symposium 2 video presentation! I have no idea why I sound like a little girl… Do I really sound like that? My sinuses are a bit blocked ( I found… Continue reading

Tutorial 24.5.18

Tutorial with Jonathan on 24.5.18   In tutorial with Jonathan we went through my blog posts about my solo exhibition in Lithuania. Jonathan seemed to be happy how it turned out and I… Continue reading

Videos that needed to be uploaded a while ago

I uploaded videos, which I shown for ‘I know what you are up to’ exhibition 25/4-4/5 at VDU Menu Galerija 101, Kaunas.   I don’t think some gifs worked properly, simply because they… Continue reading


On a day of my exhibition opening I was interviewed by young art critic. The interview is published in lithuanian, and some tried translating using google translate, but it wasn’t accurate. Somes languages… Continue reading

I know what you are up to

‘I know what you are up to’ Solo exhibition VDU Menų Galerija 101 25/4/2018 – 4/5/2018   I can’t believe I made an exhibition. My solo exhibition. Might sound funny, but it was… Continue reading

Exhibition preparation

A week ago, I was on my way to Lithuania to begin install my solo exhibition. I was tired, but didn’t feel tired and just kept editing all my works every freaking moment.… Continue reading