Breathtaking Rachel Goodyear’s work

I have been following Rachel Goodyear for a while; I admire her drawing style, subtle symbolism and details. Her work is so precise, that is just breathtaking. And today, I looked again at… Continue reading

Somehow very pleasing – ‘Factory of the Sun’ by Hito Steyerl @charlottenborgkunsthal

Christmas Joys

I couldn’t decide whether I should make this post or not. It is not relevant to my project, but it is something I had been working before Christmas. Series of drawings, representing Christmas… Continue reading

Alan Kwan and ‘Bad Trip’

For many is hard to see video game as art piece, or that it can have same aesthetics… Games are usually described as time consuming, addictive or childish. Play is for children. And… Continue reading

More drawing and more animating

When first term began, I knew what I will be making. I had my stories, I thought I have some sorta strategies to make it work. Research, narrative development, drawing, learning, rethinking, redoing,… Continue reading

Project Proposal 1.0

-Working title   Through the language of drawing: how to react to unexpected?   -Aims   The project is about using drawing as a main medium to present my observations and navigate through… Continue reading

November’s reading list

I have set myself a goal to read books related to my research subject monthly. So, here are November’s list: Mythomania by Peter Conrad Play by Stuart Brown Dictionary of Critical Theory by… Continue reading

The Streetwalker is walking

So I was drawing and came to the point where I had to animate walking scene. Who knew that it can be so hard? Animating is a long process and I am learning… Continue reading


It has been awhile since I posted anything. So many times romanticized autumn shows itself as a cold, wet and spooky season. Yup, hello cold, flu and other viruses! But I had some… Continue reading

Development #1

Working on ‘The Streetwalker’ animation part 1. My animations are simple, usually pencil drawn, very minimalistic. But in order to draw an image of the situation, the place becomes very important. It is… Continue reading